Resilient or Not Resilient

I believe there are two types of kids when it comes to being in a crisis. The ones who are resilient and the ones who are not.

Our world has been turned completely upside down for the past two years. For reasons I cannot share at this point, we would say we have both types of children, resilient and not resilient.

According to the online Google dictionary, being resilient means “(of a person or animal) able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions”. I would say our family has endured difficult conditions.

You can be taught and shown all your life how to become resilient, but that doesn’t mean you will be. You might be a resilient person, but that doesn’t guarantee your children will be. As parents, no matter what we do and/or say, at the end of the day, our children make their own decisions and their actions determine their consequences.

When our children are young, the consequences don’t generally cost them that much. With age, the consequences come with a much higher price tag. Parents who are concerned about the integrity of their children do their best to set an example, love them, and give consequences when mistakes are made, in hopes their children will become virtuous adults.

We are learning, unfortunately and fortunately, when a crisis hits, you find out quickly which of your children are resilient.

I know I continue to ask for prayers for Sam’s health, and I truly believe he would not be here today had not so many of you continued to pray for him, but I do ask that each time you pray for Sam, pray for the hearts of Ryan, Will, and Abby. My love for them is no different then my love for Sam.

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9 thoughts on “Resilient or Not Resilient

  1. Always. I know you love each of your kids fully and completely. May Christ work in and through the hearts of each of your children. Love you!!! 💕

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  2. Hello
    You are so inspiring! Thanks for helping us all to focus on the positive! We all have so much to be happy and grateful for!
    Bless you and your family! You are amazing! Miss you!
    Continued hugs and prayers

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  3. When something happens in a family team, it affects the whole team. My prayer is that as the children grow through their experiences in your family that they will continue to grow stronger and stronger. They are still going to have “feelings” about your situation…no different than you do. Being able to feel the feelings, express them and learn how to deal with them is part of growing up…albeit harder in situations such as yours. Prayers for you all as you navigate through the lessons of this life!

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