We Made It To Two!

On June 30th, we celebrated a little boy who, on many occasions, should not be here today. A little boy who, one of his doctors once said, he was a work of a whole lot of science and a lot of Art too. A little boy who continues to amaze his medical team, therapists, and so many others. A little boy, who despite his constant medical issues, is almost always smiling.

It’s been two years since our little Sam decided to ruffle things up a bit. Never would we have thought this would be our story.

About a year before Sam was born, I followed a CaringBridge for precious twins born way too early. They spent their first four, bumpy months of life in the NICU and ICC at Children’s. I cried so many sad and happy tears for those sweet babies and family as I would read the cry of that mama’s heart. She was fighting for their lives and sometimes, hope was her only option. I would think, “How does she do it? I can’t even imagine.” Not long after those miracle twins went home, I was the mama who’s only choice was to stay strong and have hope.

Today and everyday, we celebrate life. Oh, how precious it is. Each and everyday is a gift. The life of a complex child can be a nonstop feeling of gratitude and fear all in one. Oh, the things I took for granted with my other three kids, I didn’t even realize I was. Now, I’m grateful for things I really had no idea existed. We are grateful for…

…a day of only a few episodes of retching.

…somewhat normal poop.

…no fevers.

…less secretions.

…clear secretions.

…a feeding tube.

…a feeding tube that doesn’t come out.

…a night of less beeping.

…staying out of the hospital.

…stoma sites that stay healthy.

…a tracheostomy.

…homecare nurses.


…pulse oximeters.

…bottom line, LIFE.

As you can probably guess, we’re pretty ecstatic we made it to two! I can’t imagine we won’t have these same feelings each birthday we get to celebrate with Sam.

Every LIFE is a gift. Sometimes, it takes an incredibly close call, or several in Sam’s case, to help us truly understand how precious life is. I am grateful for this gift.

Happy 2nd birthday to our Superman Sam! Thank you for showing me, first hand, how precious life can be.

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