Do you know what it’s like to have your entire world stop while everyone else’s keeps going? I do. While I’m worried about what I’m going to make for dinner, someone else out there is worried if their two year old son will survive a fall from four stories high.


Please pray for sweet little Mateo. He lives in Mexico and fell from four stories onto concrete today. In their world right now, seconds feel like minutes and minutes feel like hours.

At this point, hope is their only option. Please pray for little Mateo, his mommy and daddy. I cannot imagine their pain and sheer terror right now. My heart is braking for them.

I do know, I believe in power of prayer. I am fully convinced it worked with my son on many occasions. The staff at Children’s would tell you Sam should not have made it home and claim he had “certainly impossible odds”. Well, although Mateo’s odds are impossible at the moment, I believe in a God who can do the impossible. So, like I’ve asked for my son in the past, whether you believe in prayer or not, pray for Mateo.

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2 thoughts on “Pray

  1. We serve a miracle working God, we have being praying for Mateo today, and the days to come.

  2. Jamie, thank you for sharing this post about Mateo. This is Denisse, Alma’s daughter, Mateo’s aunt. Your beautiful words, prayers and support mean a lot to our family. I couldn’t hold my tears when reading your post and looking at Mateo’s beautiful face. We went thru a real nightmare but we could always manage to find hope in God, knowing that Mateo was conscious the whole time and after the terrible fall I knew an angel of God was with him since the first second, till know and forever. Mateo is living testimony of God’s fidelity and love. We are forever thankful for all your prayers and with God’s grace.

    Please continue having him on your prayers, he is doing great with every second that passes, doctors are in awe but I’m sure they can see the hand of God. Mateo is out of intensive care, he does not have any brain or internal damage. He only has two fractures in his face but the specialist said that he won’t require surgery (upon further evaluation). His little face is very swollen. He can see, move, play and recognizes all of us. He is active and eager to get back on his feet and go home.

    Thank you again for having him on your prayers and hope to meet you and little Sam soon! I have read about him and hear a lot about him and can’t wait to meet the special bundle of joy and love he is.

    Blessing to your family,


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