Sam’s Surgery

It’s official. Sam’s next, and hopefully, final surgery is scheduled for October 29th! I know I have said that before, but hope is a much better outlook then fear. I will choose hope over despair any day. It’s what gets me through my everyday.

Before Sam’s appointment to see if we could schedule his surgery or not, I fell upon some reviews on his doctor. I felt so sad after reading. Let’s just say, I couldn’t believe, was a little offended, and quite frankly, appalled at some of the comments I read. You guessed it, they were not good.

We have known this doctor for two years now. He has performed two of Sam’s many surgeries. In our opinion, he communicates very clearly, listens to our concerns, pays attention to every detail, and is extremely kind. Our homecare nurses, who have met him, would hands down, agree.

I shared beforehand with the nurse who came with us to the appointment, and who had never met this doctor previously, about the reviews I had read. After meeting him, she too couldn’t believe the terrible reviews he had. She thought he was wonderful. What’s sad, is I thought, maybe, I would find something negative about him. I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t. I only trusted him more and know he will do everything he can for Sam.

On one occasion, when Sam still lived in the hospital, after another cardiac arrest, he left his clinic, told me we had been through so much, hugged me, and left the hospital. So, when I read people felt his bedside manner was terrible, I wanted to jump through the screen and tell them what he has done for my son and our family, and how wrong they were to make a hasty judgement on an incredible doctor and surgeon who cares deeply about his patients.

So like I said a few years ago, be careful before you “Google it”. This same doctor has also been rated a top doctor by MN monthly for several years in a row. I realize I’m a bit bias, but I think if you were in my shoes, you might feel the same way. He has literally saved my son’s life.

Please pray Sam continues to stay healthy for surgery. He has been fighting something, but seems to be fighting it off on his own for the most part. We’ve had to boost his nebs and give him some steroids, but that’s HUGE progress for him from in the past!

Sam Strong!

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  1. You got this Sam and family!! God is holding you all in his hand and heart. Love of love and continues prayers!! 😘

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