Surgery Jitters

After over thirty times of sending my sweet little boy off to surgery, I am still nervous to do it again. Tomorrow at 1:30PM, they will attempt to close the hole in Sam’s airway (trachea). We’ve now waited for two years to do this surgery. As with any surgery, there are risks involved, but some have many more, like the one one Sam will be having tomorrow. A tracheotomy has many more risks. The surgery is what is best for Sam in the long run. Of the two surgeons performing the surgery, the main surgeon has only done this particular surgery ten times and this will be a first time for the other surgeon. That being said, there are a few more jitters in my heart today.

You can worry or trust God, but you can’t do both. I heard this on the radio the other day. I am choosing to trust.

Pray the surgery goes well. Pray for the surgeons hands and all the other medical staff who will be involved. Pray Sam doesn’t throw any curve balls, as he’s unfortunately famous for. Pray for a smooth and quick recovery. Pray for our hearts to trust God and not worry.

Sam Strong!

Faith Over Fear!


14 thoughts on “Surgery Jitters

  1. Praying for the surgeons to know what to do, Sam to stay strong and for the family to know your peace as the wait for your good news. In your name I pray dear Lord.

  2. Praying Jamie, for Strong Sam, and each of you. God has this as He has from the beginning, Psalm 121!!!

  3. Praying for Sam & all involved in his surgery and for his recovery. Sending love to Sam and all the Grant family

  4. We are praying for the Dr. To have skill beyond his learning, and Gods healing and protection for Sam.

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