Help Please!

I’ve got this. I can do it myself. I am strong. To me, the first two thoughts are lies society tells us. We seem to have it all together if we can manage our home, family, work, and everything else in our lives, when we can do it all by ourselves and keep smiling. Can we really manage everything and be happy at the same time? I know I can’t. I don’t think that’s the way we were made. So many of us, including myself sometimes, believe that’s how we’re suppose to live life. What if we didn’t hesitate to ask for an extra hand when things get tough or life throws us a curve ball? I can tell you, from experience, being able to ask for help has gotten me through an awful lot.

I’ve asked for help A LOT the last few years. At first, it was really hard. It felt weird and I was always worried I was burdening others. It’s still not always easy, but I’ve slowly realized, people genuinely want to help. What’s the worst someone can do? Say no, right?

I don’t have this. I can’t do it by myself, but I am strong. Those are the words that have lead me to where I am today.  I don’t know why some of us carry a heavier burden than others, but when you do, remember, asking for help is okay. Don’t listen to the lies society tells you. Listen to the wise words of Charlie Brown. “Asking for help isn’t weak. It’s a great example of how to take care of yourself.”

4 thoughts on “Help Please!

  1. Your uncle Jerry and I are praying for you and your family, every one of them..
    God is Good all the time.

  2. Jamie you share some very insightful posts. You truly amaze me along with your amazing family. Prayers continue to shower your family. Nobody can handle the tough times without the support of people and God! You have both, and you are using them! Hoping you have a blessed Christmas.

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