In the two and a half years Sam has been home from the hospital, we have made many trips to the emergency department (ED). In those two and a half years, we’ve always been able to go home, which according to everyone here is just shy of a miracle given Sam’s history. Although we love the people here, we do everything we can to stay out of here.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a clinic or urgent care for Sam. When things go south, it’s either maintain at home or go to the hospital. And unless Sam’s feeding tube comes out or one of his docs wants him to be evaluated, we do our best to maintain at home.

Poor buddy isn’t feeling so great.

Based off Sam’s symptoms, Sam’s GI (gastroenterologist) doc instructed us to take him in yesterday. I was a little shocked when the ED doc thought it would be best to keep him. I, of course, did not plan for getting admitted. No extra clothes or toothbrush for me. I feel like I have to keep apologizing for my stinkiness. 😂

I thought once Sam got some IV fluids in him, he would perk up and we’d be heading home. Not so much. He’s still the same little lethargic boy we brought here yesterday. He’s not worse, but not better either.

Even after fluids, he’s still not feeling so hot.

They are checking all the boxes and are trying to figure out what’s going on. It could be tracheitis, which doesn’t show up for twenty-four to seventy-two hours. He might need another dilation. It could be just a cold. Although, like I’ve said in the past, it’s never “just a cold” for Sam. There are plenty of places he could have caught something. The two biggies are starting school and being in the ED last week cause his feeding tube came out. School = germs and the ED = even scarier germs. They are also monitoring his blood pressure as it has been elevated. With his history of hypertension, there is concern, but they could also be up because he’s sick. Again, there are so many things it could be. There are usually no easy answers with Sam. He a complicated kid.

Let’s pray whatever it is, it will run it’s course and/or get fixed without complications. As of now, he needs to tolerate feeds before we go home.

As always, staying Sam Strong.

13 thoughts on “Admitted.

  1. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for sweet Sam and all his caregivers. May he be his energetic self soon!❤️

  2. That poor little peanut I wish I could just wrap my arms around him and squish him he is so stinking cute I will be saying an extra big prayer for Mr. Sam and your whole family Bless his little heart if you need anything you just reach out to tim and I we would help with anything keep your chin up

  3. I hope you know how many are praying for our beloved little Sammy Strong, and the rest of family!!! 🙏❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Found you through the wordpress site — as a mom with a kiddo who also has a trach and down syndrome, I totally know this wait. Praying it lets up soon and that he’s tolerating food and out of there before long!

  5. So sorry Sam is sick! Sam, prayers & hugs you get better fast❤️ Hugs & prayers Jamie for you too. I’m sure it’s difficult to see him not feeling well.

  6. This news breaks my heart. I am so sorry things have went South for Sam. Please know that we will continue to keep Super Sam, and you all in our thoughts and our prayers. Sending ((hugs)) God Bless, Mark & Steph

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