Cincinnati Day #3

We made it here! It was a bit tough/comical trying to carry everything with only two of us, but thankfully we had TSA Cares to help. I would highly recommend using this service if you are flying with a complex child. More to come on part two of “Tips for Traveling with a Complex Child”.

The beginning of our flight was a bit disastrous, but overall Sam did really well. Sam was pretty upset for the first twenty to thirty minutes, but after that it was smooth sailing. I was definitely sweating by the time we boarded the plane. The beginning was a bit rough because we decided to board the plane last. In hindsight, we probably should have boarded earlier. This way we could have figured out how to situate all of Sam’s medical stuff. We made for some very good people watching, I am sure of it. If I was an onlooker, my mind would have been doing a lot of wondering. We are the people who get stared at, but that’s okay with me. Most stares are only sheer wonder, care, and/or concern.

Sam’s SATS (oxygen levels) dipped while we were in the air, but not enough to need oxygen. I’m happy to report after all Sam’s little lungs have been through, they’ve stayed pretty strong.

The first day was spent unpacking all of Sam’s stuff and going to bed very early from pure exhaustion. Between what we brought with us and the supplies that were shipped, it was a lot! I’ve gotten use to our normal, but seeing it all, sure puts things in perspective. Holy smokes, this kid does not travel lightly!

Sam’s Medical Supplies
That’s a lot of stuff!

The second day was much more laid back. We ventured out to the Cincinnati Zoo. Sam wasn’t able to see a lot because of his vision, but he loves being outside so it was a win, win. Another plus was how much warmer it feels here than home in Minnesota.

Cincinnati Zoo
A hippo is pretty cool to see this close.

I’d like to say day number three, our first venture to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital was super hopeful. Sam had three appointments. He saw anesthesiology, otolaryngology (specialized ENT), and speech pathology today. Our news today wasn’t very hopeful, but they still have lots of testing to do. We will find out more in the next few days. We will keep having hope as we always do.

Pray for hopeful answers in the next few days.

Sam Strong.

Faith Over Fear.

7 thoughts on “Cincinnati Day #3

  1. I have been thinking about you guys and praying for you! Stay strong and know you have a lot of people praying on this end!

  2. The pics of Sam are adorable. I’m so in awe of all you had to do to fly (something I won’t take for granted again). The amount of gear is amazing. I am glad you are staying hopeful. I am too. Sending our thoughts a prayers to Cincinnati. May all those that come in contact with Sam do their best to figure out this amazing little guy.

  3. You’re there! Somehow I missed your travel dates but have been praying for your trip all along. Do you know how long you will be staying? Or is that yet to be determined? Praying for ALL the answers and a hopeful future for Sam!

  4. I’m overwhelmed at all you’ve been through and all the stuff you have to manage. You’re a walking testimony that God shows up to provide what we need. Praying that the whole picture becomes more clear and that HOPE is at the core.
    Thank you taking time to write. Sam is a little gem and a miracle.

  5. Thinking of you and your family through this entire journey. Prayers for good news and the answers you are seeking in Cincinnati. Sam has such a contagious smile; love the photos.

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