The Abbreviated Version

It isn’t until I see Sam’s story on paper or I’m asked to share it at a volunteer event, I think, Holy Smokes!!

I shared my “What Will You Remember” post with one of Sam’s nurses he had while “living” in the hospital.

Her: Oh my gosh!!!! We were out on a boat today and I literally was thinking about Sam! I honestly CAN NOT believe it was 4 years ago!

Her: He changed my life!

Her: That post made me bawl 😭😭😭 so perfectly said! You have all been through SO much.

Me: I don’t even realize it until I write about it!

Her: And that is truly the abbreviated version. Insane.

That hit me hard. The abbreviated version. Wow. So true. Crazy. 

Here’s the thing.

I don’t want discount Sam’s story and I know it’s significant. I know it’s a big one.

I also know so many have been through so much more and it could be so much worse.

Side note, never tell anyone else when they’re going through a rough patch, it could be worse. That’s a whole other topic.

It’s completely different when it’s coming from the person experiencing the tough time. I believe when your having a “poor me” moment, because we all have them at times, acknowledging others are going through or have been through worse, is not a bad thing.

Sometimes it’s not even a “poor me” moment. It’s truly a crisis situation.

Either way, it’s important we don’t stay at the pity party for too long. Pity turns into wallow and self loathing. Then we’re in trouble. When we’re here, it’s a lot harder to be there for the other people in our lives because we’re focused solely on our self.

Having a moment is okay, but staying there isn’t good for anyone.

For me, acknowledging “it could be worse“ helps me see the bigger picture and focus on the things I am grateful for. It quickly gets me out of the party no one wants to be at for very long.

It’s that self talk that says…



5 thoughts on “The Abbreviated Version

  1. You are SO right!!! AND…..God is faithful! HE has carried you and your family through many, many desperate moments! AND… may never know all the people that SAM and his story have touched! Your ability to always turn things around to a positive way of thinking has ministered to countless doctors, nurses, aides, teachers, neighbors, friends, workmates….in your world! GOD IS FAITHFUL, and uses us in spite of what we are going through, so that HIS NAME would be lifted up!!! Hugs, Jamie!

  2. This is beautiful. I really do believe that your attitude…acknowledging this is tough…accepting it and then leaning into God for the strength you need to get through it…is what enables to to enjoy all the wonderfulness of Sam and the rest of your family. What an honor it has been to follow along and pray for and with you on your journey!

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