Quick Sam Update

We decided to reschedule Cincinnati. After realizing Abby had soccer tryouts while we would be gone, we thought we didn’t want to not be here for her. We also would have had less than a week and a half to plan. That would be a tall building to leap with Sam!

Now we are waiting to get another phone call to reschedule. We thought we’d here back from them this week, but we didn’t. Hopefully we’ll get a call next week knowing they want to reschedule for August.

When it comes to Sam, we’re always waiting for the next thing. When you are in a constant Waiting Place under circumstances at no fault of your own, it’s much healthier to live in the moment than to dwell on the waiting.
Dr. Seuss
We choose not to stay in the Waiting Place.Dr. Seuss
Will (13), Abby (12), Sam (4)

5 thoughts on “Quick Sam Update

  1. Thank you so much for the update and the pictures of your gremlins they’re all adorable

  2. You guys are amazing parents. Hoping you get the call in time to make those plans. They are all looking older! Oh my!

  3. Always LOVE your posts, Jamie! Good decision to postpone the appt. It did sound like it would be too rushed for comfort! Praying for the next perfect time—God has it all figured out! Prayers and Big hugs, Sherry

  4. I love that picture of the kiddos! I love how you made it clear your analogy of the Waiting Place. Thank you for that! I can use that in my own daily struggles. You are all in our prayers! Hope to see you soon! Sam Strong!

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