Overall, Things Are Good

Sam had a pretty good night.

He hasn’t been awake too much today, but when he is, he’s pretty ticked off. Pray for pain management.

From a surgical and PICU standpoint, things look good.

He hasn’t peed yet so we’ll take prayers for that.

Continued prayers for no leaking.

It’s so hard watching him have to go through all of this. My goodness, this little guy is so strong!

Faith Over Fear!

Sam Strong!

5 thoughts on “Overall, Things Are Good

  1. Prayers from all my family for Sam’s comfort and healing. Sending love to all of you💕💕

  2. The Women’s group at our church is praying for Sam. They are prayer warriors 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Hard to hear that he is in pain. Never easy on these littles or their family. Trusting it is one more step closer to pain not being such a common thing. Prayers continue for supernatural healing for Sam and peace and comfort for you all! Also lifting “all the systems” in his little body to do what they were designed to do!

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