Classic Sam

I wish I could tell you the last few days have been better, not worse.

I wish I could tell you his recovery is going smoothly.

I wish I could tell you we’ve been able to manage Sam’s pain.

I wish I could tell you we went down on the oxygen, not up.

I wish I could tell you Pseudomonas was not growing on the trach culture we decided to do the other day.

I wish I could tell you Sam’s turning the corner and he’s not been miserable the last few days.

I wish I could tell you we’ve gotten a good nights sleep the last few days.

I wish I could tell you Sam is using all of his signs (language) he knows and not just “help”.

I wish I could tell you he’s on less pain meds and has less IV poles, not more.

I wish I didn’t have tell you, he will be getting a PICC line later today.

I wish I could tell you we’re getting ready to go home.

I can tell you, we were able to take out his NG tube this morning, which has been hard to keep in the last few days.

I can tell you, clinically, leaking doesn’t look like what’s going on.

I can you, all of the appropriate measures are being taken to figure out the problem.

I can tell you, Pain and Palliative is now on board. They have been a game changer for Sam in the past.

I can tell you, although he’s on a lot more meds and pretty much sedated right now, he’s finally been comfortable for the last hour.

I can you, my little boy is a fighter and he will come out on top.

Please don’t stop praying for my sweet little boy.

Faith Over Fear!

Sam Strong!

11 thoughts on “Classic Sam

  1. Thinking about him all the time. Prayers are high on my list. I even enlisted my mother in law to start a prayer chain. See you guys soon. Julie

  2. Praying for God’s comfort and healing for Sam, and strength and calmness for you and your family. Also praying for perfect skills and wisdom for each medical person caring for Sam. He’s earned the name Sam Strong for a reason!

  3. Oh honey ! We have been praying, and thank you for this update, it helps us know how to pray , and remember to pray.
    God is Good . 🙏🙏❤️

  4. Thinking about you guys all the time you and Sean are very strong and so is that young man of yours I have to admit it does make me angry how bad things can happen to such innocent little people but I know he will come out of this on top give that little peanut a kiss on the forehead for me keep your chins up

  5. My heart aches for Sam and your family. I will do some major praying. Love you guys

  6. This brings tears to my eyes, but…..He is a fighter!!!! And so is is family!! Lots of prayers.

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