Sam is getting a CT scan right now.

Let’s just say this day take took a sharp turn and we’re dealing with another set of issues. Please pray it’s just a fluke and they won’t find anything new.

Faith Over Fear.

Sam Strong!

12 thoughts on “Halt

  1. Your last message and pics were so encouraging. So sorry for the latest challenge, but stay strong again! God specializes in overcoming overwhelming odds. Zechariah 8:6 “This is what the Lord of heaven’s armies says: All this may seem impossible to you now…But is it impossible for me? says the lord of heaven’s armies.” May God bless your precious family.

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  2. Oh no…no more problems for that precious little peanut and mommy and daddy let’s just pray that things turn out good for that little man he needs a break he’s been through so much bless his little heart keep your chin up guys will go to bed tonight saying prayers

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