Minute by Minute

Fourteen days later, Sam seems to finally have turned the corner. Thank you Lord!

It’s been mostly hard and exhausting for both Sam and I since my last post. If I’m being honest, it’s been rough since the day of surgery. Let’s not focus on that. I tried my best to capture each glimpse of hope on camera.

Day 8…

The Pulmonologist said, “I think he gave us a scare, but he looks great.” Yeah, unfortunately he’s known for that. Those scares sure do a toll on a mama and daddy’s heart. PICU docs are the last docs you want to scare, but my little boy is a fighter.

He smiled for the first time! Oh, how I love that precious little smile. Or I should probably say big, because when he smiles, it’s with his whole entire being.

His first smile was for his Abby (sister) on FaceTime. He melted every heart in the room. The nurse got a little choked up. This little boy wants to go home, so do I, and everyone at home wants us home. We’re getting there!

Day 9…

He got his catheter out!

Day 10…

He finally pooped!

Day 11…

Sam is sitting up on his own and playing with his favorite toy-spoons.

Day 13…

No bumps of morphine!

Day 14…

Sam was actually himself the entire day today! The little boy we know, who is very medically complex, but the happiest, easily and self entertained kid was back yesterday.

Day 15…

He’s completely weaned off the drugs we can’t take home and up to full feeds. Pray for another day like yesterday and no more surprises so we can bust this joint in the next few days!

Faith Over Fear!

Sam Strong!

9 thoughts on “Minute by Minute

  1. Thank God! I could not stop thinking and praying for super Sam since your last post. Almost text you to find out how he was doing! God is Great!!! So good to hear things are looking up. Love and prayers. Steph

  2. Praise God! Praise God! What a powerful God we serve! Thanks to doctors, nurses, meds, and machines! BUT GOD keeps SAM STRONG…..strong!!! Praying for you, Jamie, and the whole family! Rest well……

  3. So happy to hear this!!! Praying today is another good day. Can’t wait to (hopefully) snuggle him on Monday!!!!! ❤️

  4. Thank you for sharing the positive updates. You guys are always in our heart and prayers. Go Sam!

  5. Wow! So grateful…that you are not only on this side of surgery but moving further away. Praying for continued improvement in your beautiful little boy! Someday, I hope to meet him in person. And yes…he has a big smile…because he does smile with his whole being. Praying for a quick return home…where every little boy and his momma should be!

  6. So happy to hear sams feeling and doing better. What a long couple of weeks. I’ve been thinking and praying for you guys.

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