Another Test

Today at 2:00, Sam will go down to surgery to have another test. They will do an endoscopy with contrast into his esophagus and GJ-tube (feeding tube). They are basically taking moving pictures of where things are going when he is being fed. They are mainly checking for an obstruction.

Here’s the thing, we don’t want them to find anything, but if they do and it’s an easy fix, that would be the best case scenario. Otherwise, we’re back to square one, the guessing game.

I’m not even sure what to ask you to pray for. For now, pray we can figure out what’s going on and it will be an easy fix.

Faith Over Fear!

Sam Strong!

8 thoughts on “Another Test

  1. Then I will pray for whatever it is is a quick and easy fix so that little man get back on his feet and mommy and daddy can take a deep breath

  2. So very sad to hear that Sam is having to go through all this. Saw your post and prayed for wisdom. Just now able to respond. God knows. It is now a matter of getting that information to the hearts of those helping to make the decision for Sam’s care. Strength and peace to you!

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