CT Scan

The Intensivist said, “His (Sam’s) CT scan was reassuring and disappointing, at the same time. Reassuring, because the CT scan didn’t show any emergencies. We were checking to see if his bowels had twisted. Disappointing, because it didn’t tell us what is going on.”

Long story, short, Sam started throwing up earlier and didn’t stop. It became more violent and frequent as time went on.

They have him sedated again and he will stay off his feeds for tonight. Surgery will put their heads together in the morning and discuss the next best steps.

This was Sam earlier today when things were going well. He’s wasn’t quite able to walk yet, but with his determination, it won’t take long.

Trying to walk again.

This will just be a little bump. Please Lord, let this be a tiny bump.

Thank you for your continued encouragement, prayers, and support. It would make this journey a lot harder without it.

8 thoughts on “CT Scan

  1. Poor little guy. He seemed to be doing so well when we were online together. This is just a temporary setback.

  2. Yes Lord. Please let this be a little bump. Oh how you love Sam but he needs a breakthrough! Please have mercy on him and his family giving wisdom and discernment, healing and hope. Love Mona

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