Second by Second

Sam’s day has been quite rough. Man, what a roller coaster. Just when we all think he’s turning the corner, things take a sharp turn in the wrong direction.

Some symptoms are new and others have been off and on since he’s been here. This is nothing. It’s just a fluke. He will get through this.

Please pray for my little fighter. Pray his blood pressure can be controlled. Pray for no more red blood coming from his trach (breathing tube). Pray for less secretions. Pray his lungs are clear on the x-ray results. Pray for no more throwing up. Pray for his heart rate to come down. Pray for his medical team. Pray for his momma, daddy, sister, and brothers too. Pray they can get things figured out and we can go home. Pray for no more sharp turns.

11 thoughts on “Second by Second

  1. First thanks so much for the continued updates. Super Sam is in my thoughts and I have been praying hard for him and your whole family. He is a fighter for sure. Sending hugs, and prayers.

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  2. Praying for Sam to turn the corner and for your family and the people who care for him to gain clarity. Finn has been praying for Superman Sam too and put aside some of his toys to give to Sam when he gets back home. Dear God, please bring healing to Sam and peace of mind to those who love him. Amen.

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  3. Standing beside you in prayer—believing for today’s MIRACLE!! We serve an all-mighty God, may God be glorified in each situation of our lives! Lift up HIS name today! Praying for the doctors and medical team to have wisdom and “holy” direction! BUT GOD made Sam and has kept him STRONG all this time–HE is able!

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