An Answer, With…

an easy fix! Thank you Lord!!

Sam needed a dilation. This is what we were all hoping for and the best case scenario. His esophagus was pretty much shut. A thing Sam likes to do after surgeries and in general. They didn’t dilate all the way being only three weeks post-op. Later, when he heals more, if he needs another one, we can come back for that. And that, is a one day ordeal, which is something we are accustomed to in our world.

He will rest tonight and we will slowly introduce feeds tomorrow. If all goes well, we will be here a bit longer, but will get to leave the PICC line here. Please, let us leave the PICC line here, Lord. Being on “PICC line watch” is really hard and especially hard with very busy little boy.

We also figured out why the blood is coming from his trach (breathing tube)! This morning, before surgery, ENT did a bronchoscopy. The blood is from suctioning past his breathing tube, something that shouldn’t be done too much. His airway is irritated, but it will heal.

Believing for no more surprises and the feeds to go well.

Thank you again for your prayers! Keep em’ coming!

Faith Over Fear!

Sam Strong!

11 thoughts on “An Answer, With…

  1. An easy fix! This literally brought me tears! So very, very, very happy! Homebound soon! NO MORE SURPRISES!
    🙂 Thank you, Jesus!

  2. Prayers continue for Sam what a difficult journey he has been on, May he feel Gods Love and Peace❤️ Auntie Joy and Uncle Paul

  3. Yay he will be doing great before you know it. The little trouper he is! Can’t wait to see the little man. Hope mom is doing well also 😁🥰

  4. Praise The Lord, we are so happy that there are finally answers to the issues your little man has been fighting.
    Now we praise God and believe for a total healing .

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