We Have an Answer!!!!!

X-rays showed Sam’s j-tube (the part of his feeding tube that is threaded into his small intestines) is retracted and coiled up into his stomach. As you might imagine, this is very painful. Poor buddy. No wonder why he’s in so much pain and throws up every fifteen to thirty minutes.

At home, radiology does the feeding tube procedure, but it sounds like surgery is the specialty who will do it here. Pray for a quick and smooth procedure tomorrow morning. He gets his feeding tube changed every two to three months and it’s a pretty painful experience for him. This procedure is why he has so much PTSD when he sees an x-ray table. He just had it changed two weeks ago. Poor guy. Hopefully the little bit of morphine he’s on will help.

I feel terrible for him, but this is literally the best possible, fixable answer. This poor guy can barely catch a break. He is the strongest, toughest little boy.

Pray both Sam and I will get some restful sleep tonight and this will be the only complication. We want to hopefully get out of here tomorrow and be able to catch our flight home on Tuesday!

Sam Strong!

Faith Over Fear!

7 thoughts on “We Have an Answer!!!!!

  1. I am so sorry to hear this news. Your whole family is in my prayers, but massive thoughts and prayers for Superman Sam! Poor sweets.

  2. I’m so sorry for this complication. But so grateful you’re in a good place. Praying for sleep and release tomorrow after the tube is fixed.
    Love Mona

  3. Not today, Satan. That was brilliant, and also describes the battle you’re all in. No joy stolen from you, today. And prayers for a smooth and LASTING surgery fix. You are doing it all well with the strength of the Father. Hugs.

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