We are home and very happy to be here. What we thought would only be one night, turned into five nights. And of course, as a few of Sam’s doctors mentioned, he threw a curve ball.

Although we know what to expect, you don’t get use to hospital stays. More importantly, Sam is feeling much better. The older Sam gets, the harder it gets to be in the hospital, and all the more excited he gets when we come home.


We are now hoping he can make it two to four weeks for another esophageal dilation. His GI doctor wants Sam’s surgeon to be there, and Sam’s ENT plans to do a bronchoscopy. If you know anything about the medical world, scheduling three doctors at one time for a procedure is not an easy task. Prayers they can land on a time within the next two to three weeks. We do not want to be in the same situation we were in last week.

Thank you, thank you for all your prayers! They were definitely felt and answered.

Sam Strong

Faith Over Fear

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Such great news Sam is home. I know how hard t is to schedule 2 doctors. Prayers for a quick schedule for 3. Hope you can have many uneventful days unless it’s super Sam making some great milestones.

  2. His beautiful smile! Praying now not only for continued health for Sam but that the medical system lines up for his favor! And a much needed rest for you, momma, as the family falls back into a happy “normal” again. I say “falls into” like it magically happens, which we know is far from the truth. So…prayers for your entire family as the work begins to restore your routines as they once were.

  3. SO very happy for all of you!!! to be HOME!!! Best to be together and loving, encouraging, and laughing together!! We all wish we could do more for Superman Sam, but honestly, the best we can do is pray for perfect scheduling, quick healing, continued PEACE for everyone, and big thanks to all the nurses and doctors that assist SAM!! Love you much, Sherry

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