Prayers to Stay Home

They were able to schedule Sam’s next procedure with his GI doctor, surgeon, and ENT for November 21st. Unfortunately, his little esophagus is seeming like it won’t wait that long.

After this last hospital stay, Sam’s respiratory doctor agreed it would be a good idea to keep him out of school until his next procedure. I get it. As much as I want Sam in school, I think the risks outweigh the benefits at the moment. We don’t need anything else on top of what’s going on medically.

Sam is really miserable right now, but we are home. His symptoms are indicating he needs another dilation. Hopefully, that’s all it is.

We called the weekend, on call GI doctor. Thankfully, instead of telling us to take him to the emergency room, she got him on the surgery schedule for Monday morning. I cannot tell you how happy I was about that. My heart was really dreading another hospital stay.

For whatever reason when Sam needs a dilation, he doesn’t tolerate his feeds. We are running Pedialyte at the lowest rate possible to hopefully keep him hydrated enough until Monday morning and avoid a hospital stay.

Please pray Sam will tolerate the Pedialyte and be able to stay home until Monday. Pray there is nothing else going on. This poor little boy could really catch a break.

Prayers for our stamina as we are tired. This fall has been hard. Prayers to calm our hearts as questions and concerns are hard to push aside right now.

I’m thankful to believe in a God who loves my little boy even more than I do, and that He will comfort and sustain all of us.

Faith Over Fear

Sam Strong

8 thoughts on “Prayers to Stay Home

  1. First of all Sam is so lucky to have you all!!! And you are so lucky to have Sammy strong. I was just talking to Annie about Sammy and how he has touched so many of our lives. Especially the change in our childrens lives, that have gotten so close to Sammy. Our prayers are certainly with you all, and once again Sam will surprise all and come through another surgery, showing people why he is super Sam!!!! ( Sammy Strong). Again if anyway or thing we can do please let us know. You got this!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Many prayers!🙏🙏🙏

  2. Prayers that Sam will be able to stay home until Monday, Prayers for surgery Monday and for Sam’s recovery. Prayers to you all!!!

    Our Thoughts, prayers, hugs, and love always are there for you all!!!

  3. In church reading this and am praying. Praying for his ability to stay home. For him to have a successful surgery and each of you to rest in the comfort and care of our amazing God. Thank you Holy Spirit that you don’t leave us as orphans and giving the the strength as we need it.

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