He Made It

It was a rough weekend, but he made it. He’s been needing some oxygen support, but we still have room to go up. Nice job, my little warrior.

Now, prayers for his procedure today! Pray for the doctor involved. She knows Sam, but is not his primary GI doctor, which isn’t unusual for Sam when he is having a dilation. Pray for the anesthesiologist and the rest of the team who will care for Sam. Pray for no complications and that we’ll be able to come home today. Pray there is an easy fix and nothing else is going on. Pray for peace and continued strength for all of us.

Faith Over Fear

Sam Strong

13 thoughts on “He Made It

  1. This baby boy (who isn’t so much a baby anymore)! Love that you list exactly what you want covered in prayer. Standing in agreement with you!

  2. Jamie, I have been following and praying for you all. Today especially. Restoration of his opening but restoring for you all giving care and resilience for what’s yet to come. Holding you close.

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