In Sam fashion, he’s thrown us a curveball. They canceled his procedure this morning right before Sam was scheduled to go back to the OR. He tested positive for RSV. They want to see him feeling better and will do the dilation then. In the moment, putting him under anesthesia didn’t feel like the safest option and they didn’t feel comfortable sending him home.

The respiratory symptoms came on very suddenly. A lot happened and changed in a small amount of time, which isn’t abnormal for Sam. I will say, going from an outpatient dilation to being admitted, is a first for Sam. I didn’t pack a bag, but I did bring two matching sandals!

When surgery let the emergency department (ED) know we would be heading that way, the ED told the surgery nurse “Oh, Sam Grant? We know who that is. We will do what we can, to get him in safe and fast!” Mama heart melted. The way everyone has been talking, I prepared myself to spend the night in the ED. As I was about to hit ‘Publish’ on my post to ask for prayers to get a room quickly, they came in saying we were moving upstairs!! We were in the ED for less than two hours!!

Prayers for a quick recovery, a short stay, and no more curveballs. Pray for no aspiration pneumonia on top of what’s going on. Everyone keeps telling us, he’s going to get worse before he gets better. Pray against that! They are going to be wrong. Pray for continued peace and stamina for us.

Faith Over Fear

Sam Strong

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