S^3 Kit

Superman Sam’s Survival Kit (S^3 Kit) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to provide hope to families or caregivers who bring their child home from the hospital with a lifesaving breathing tube (tracheostomy). S^3 Kit does this by giving a basket filled with items to ease their transition home.

4 thoughts on “S^3 Kit

  1. Jamie, this is such a great idea and I imagine very comforting for the families of these “Super kids” to receive. A way of reaching out and sharing this common bond between others. Give Sam a high five from Beckham and myself.

  2. I love this, Jamie! I don’t comment, but I read your blog entries every time! Your family is often in my prayers.

  3. Good Afternoon,
    I’m a speech-language pathologist in Tallahassee,FL working with an 11 month old who has a G-Tube, trach & is on the vent. His family history is not a good story overall, and he’s currently in medical foster care. He’s being well taken care of in foster care. He’s begun to sprint from the vent and use a PMV. He will be celebrating his 1st birthday this weekend. I reached out to Jamie, and I just received one of her amazing baskets! I cannot wait to give it to him this Saturday! So much thought and effort was put into this basket. Thank you so much for what you do, your kind heart and desire to ‘give back.’ I hope to share photos once he receives his basket if I can get signed consent from his current caregiver to do so. Again, you are something special! Thank you and God Bless you!

  4. Jamie has brought many of these baskets to me to give to our NICU families with babies going home with trachs, Families are very appreciative of this generous gift.

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