Meet Superman Sam

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On June 30th, 2016, early in the morning, I drove myself to the nearby hospital, thinking they would send me home as it was three weeks before my due date. After having three other children, past their due dates, I wasn’t expecting they would keep me. They did. That evening, Sam James Grant was born. In an instant, our lives would never be the same.

Without any previous known complications, Sam was immediately rushed to Minneapolis Children’s Hospital NICU. He was diagnosed with a rare birth defect, Long Gap Esophageal Atresia and Down Syndrome. At four days old, in order for Sam to eat, he was given a feeding tube.

Later, after a series of cardiac arrests, Sam was diagnosed with an even more rare birth defect, a Type II Laryngeal Cleft. As a result, he was given a tracheostomy, a breathing tube.

He has undergone over sixty surgeries, with more to come. He spent his first, very bumpy, seven months of life in the hospital, with complication after complication.

Most did not think Sam would make it home. Finally, on February 2nd, 2017, we were able to take our sweet baby home for the very first time. Everyday we are thankful for the gift of life. We were able to take Sam home, not everyone gets to do that.

Today, he’s thriving at home with his family and homecare nurses, still continuing to defy the odds while keeping his medical team on their toes. He’s an incredible boy who continues to bless and win the hearts of many with his captivating personality and infectious smile.

For the beginning of Sam’s story, click here to visit his CaringBridge site.

This site is dedicated to enrich and encourage the lives of families with a complex child and/or anyone else who wants to know more.

4 thoughts on “Meet Superman Sam

  1. WOW….. WOW….. How Amazing. God is Good !! And so are soooooo many people in this world. This story brought tears to my eyes, as many of your stories do. Keeping Sam and your family in our prayers. Sending love and hugs. Mark & Steph

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