Upcoming Procedures

This week Sam will have an endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, MRI, and ENT will check to see if his trach needs to be upsized (bigger trach tube). I love when we can get lots of docs in on one sedation!

As I mentioned previously, Sam has had some GI (tummy) issues that we are hoping can get figured out, hence the endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy.

The MRI is a precaution for the seizures he’s had to rule out anything serious.

Sam has not been put out in over six months!! It’s the longest he’s ever gone in his life, by far!!! Maybe since it’s been so long his PTSD won’t kick in when he sees the purple surgery p.j.’s. Fingers crossed.

Prayers for no PTST with Sam, all the docs involved, some GI answers, nothing serious on the MRI, the anesthesia team, and a smooth, quick recovery so he can get back to this kind of crazy stuff.

Boxes are the best toys.

Sam Strong and Faith Over Fear!

7 thoughts on “Upcoming Procedures

  1. What an awesome picture! Prayers for peace for Sam when he sees the purple pajama people, mom and others while Sam undergoes this necessary procedure, wisdom beyond their studies and past experiences for all the medical professionals working on Sam’s case, results that lead to victory and a speedy recovery for Strong Sam!

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  2. Thanks for the update, Jamie!! I echo Virginia’s prayer for Sam……God is able to give wisdom and work HIS plan, even when we don’t completely understand the hows and whys!!! So fun to see you the other day–love those chance meetings God places in our path! HAPPY DECEMBER!!

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