Rotavirus Again

Sam’s lab results came back positive for Rotavirus. This is the same little tummy bug, along with a Tracheitis, that put Sam in the hospital for a little over a week last May. It’s nice to have an answer. More often than not, we are playing a guessing game with him. One of the hospitalists, who knows Sam, even jokingly commented on it.

Today was a better day. He’s tolerating a very small amount of Pedialyte. When I say small, I’m talking fifteen milliliters an hour. You know the tiny cups you get when you buy children’s pain meds like Ibuprofen and Tylenol? Picture one of those small med cups only half full. That being said, he still has a ways to go before he can be off the IV fluids and we can get the heck out of Dodge!

Prayers Sam will continue to tolerate his feeds, for his blood pressure to come down, for my other three kids, my hubby, and me.

Napping in true male fashion. 🤣

Faith Over Fear!

Sam Strong!

3 thoughts on “Rotavirus Again

  1. Bless his little heart.. typical little man with his hand in his pants he sure is a trooper and so are you and Sean Will be saying prayers that he is home soon back with his family

  2. Oh Sam, you sure like to keep your family on their toes. Quick healing vibes sent your way with plenty of prayer warriors too! Need to get healthy for Cincinnati, kiddo! Thinking of you all!

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