Less Than One Week!

We are less than one week away from surgery!!!! Sam is doing great! He can’t be school, but we are doing our best to keep him busy. With the help of his teacher, his nurses are doing a great job of bringing some aspects of school home. Have I ever mentioned how thankful we are for our home care nurses? Incredibly. And, of course, the beautiful weather helps. Sam LOVES to be outside.

I am so excited and nervous all in one for this surgery. It’s THE surgery that’s been in the making for over five years. It’s been done twice unsuccessfully here, but never at the place we were referred to a few years ago. We’ve had it planned in Cincinnati twice, but didn’t make it due to Sam being Sam. He was sick the first time then needed a major surgery the second time, because essentially, his organs were moving up into his chest which ended up being an over two month stay in the hospital for him. We are ready for this surgery!!!!!

If the surgery works, it would mean eventually, Sam could be decanulated (get rid of trach/breathing tube). Game changer. It makes sense why all of Sam’s doctors wanted to keep him in a bubble until this surgery. If you know me, staying in a bubble is not something I do not do very well, but I have been a good girl.

Of course, Sam had to ruffle everyone’s feathers a little bit. Long story short, Sam’s pediatrician was concerned about a medicine (steroid) he has been on for the intussusception. There is a low risk it will be a problem, but steroids can hinder the healing process. The surgeon from Cincinnati called me to discuss the situation and still feels because of Sam’s complicated history, already having to cancel the surgery twice, and the low risk factor, we should still proceed with surgery, but wanted us to be aware and not have this conversation the day of surgery. Your the expert! What would you do if it was your child?!?! I don’t like to ask doctors this question, but in these situations, I usually do. Everyone agreed, we have Sam in a healthy spot so let’s do it!

So far, Sam has stayed healthy. Prayers for continued health, flawless travel, and a successful surgery for Sam.

Sam Strong!

Faith Over Fear!

6 thoughts on “Less Than One Week!

  1. Praying he can get this needed surgery and no complications that would disrupt it!

  2. Prayers for continued health for Sam, for a flawless travel experience, a successful surgery for Sam and for faith over fear for You, Sean, and the rest of your family!

  3. We serve a GOD of the IMPOSSIBLE!!! AND that is what we are believing for! May God’s favor rest upon SAM and the Doctors who are tending to him. Give health and courage to SAM, give the DOCTORS wisdom and steadiness as they handle God’s workmanship, give PEACE to mom, dad, kids, and nurses! As all band together to make this happen, but God move in powerfully to prove HE continues to have a plan for SAM!
    Much love, Jamie and Seth, you will remain in my prayers!

  4. Love and Hugs to you all as you await this big procedure and its outcome. Prayers 🙏❤️ Go Sam!!!

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