What’s Inside?

What’s all this superhero stuff for anyway?

These are great for storing all those medical supplies!

G-tube Pads – Up until Sam started using these pads, his g-tube site was irritated most of the time. There are many different vendors for g-tube pads. They can be purchased through Etsy (www.etsy.com). This vendor is our favorite.
Mesh Bags – These are great to put the dirty/used g-tube pads in. They can go into the washing machine and dryer.
Bandana Bibs – These are great for keeping even more germs away from the trach site.
Elmo – Who doesn’t want a plush Elmo with a trach!? Elmo is also Sam’s favorite character.
“Stop…” Sign – Although people will try to touch a medically fragile baby, this sign is great to hang on the baby’s stroller or car seat. It will make people think twice. Germs are an extra big deal for these kiddos.
Hand Sanitizer – Need I say more?!
Neck Pillow – I wish I could tell these families hospital stays will be a thing of the past, but unfortunately, having a child with a trach, will likely lead to more hospital stays. A neck pillow will come in handy for those sleepless nights. We have heard from other families, the neck pillow is great for trach cares.
Onesie – Side snap onesies are much easier for a medically fragile baby & this baby is, of course, a superhero.

Of the many gifts you receive when you have a child in the hospital, the ones that are tailored to your child’s diagnosis or situation goes deep into your heart. The gift says, “I have been in your shoes.” For a moment, you don’t feel completely isolated. It normalizes something that is not. This is a powerful thing.

Trach Mama